Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Content Deployment Jobs Missing Deployment Options Section

I've been working with Content Deployment jobs lately, and noticed that in 2010, the section on the Create Jobs page where you can specify whether to perform an incremental or full content deployment was missing. Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I looked up the old screen from 2007, which looks like this:

As you can see, there is a section there for setting the types of content that are deployed. The first option, "Deploy only new, changed, or deleted content" is the incremental deployment. The second option, "Deploy all content, including content that has been deployed before", is the full deployment.

Now compare that screen to the 2010 equivalent:

For some reason, the Deployment Options section is missing. This is not gonna work. If you recall from 2007, doing a full deployment after the initial deployment can cause problems. See this article for more information about why.

So, how do we create an incremental job? The answer, courtesy of Becky Bertram, MVP:
You can't do it through Central Administration, but you can specify whether you want to do a full or incremental deployment using PowerShell. Go to your SharePoint PowerShell prompt and type get-help new-spcontentdeploymentjob -detailed and then take a look at the IncrementalEnabled parameter.

Here is a simple script to create an incremental content deployment job, assuming you have already defined a content deployment path of "Authoring to Production":

New-SPContentDeploymentJob -Name "Authoring to Production - Incremental" 
-SPContentDeploymentPath "Authoring to Production" -IncrementalEnabled:$true

Looking in Central Administration, you'll see your created job, but you still can't see if it's incremental or full. To do that, run Get-SPContentDeploymentJob "Authoring to Production - Incremental". You should notice the following line in your output:
  • ExportMethodType             : ExportChanges
That sounds awfully like an incremental doesn't it? Let's try setting the  IncrementalEnabled parameter to false and creating another job:
New-SPContentDeploymentJob -Name "Authoring to Production - Full" 
-SPContentDeploymentPath "Authoring to Production" -IncrementalEnabled:$false 
Now run Get-SPContentDeploymentJob "Authoring to Production - Full" and you should see a slightly different export method type:
  • ExportMethodType             : ExportAll
So, this means that your Content Deployment job is going to be incremental by default. The only way to get a full job is to create it via PowerShell. Given the limitations and caveats with full jobs, this seems like a good change.

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