Monday, July 26, 2010

SharePoint 2010 - Error Removing Managed Account

Recently, while trying to experiment with Excel Services in SharePoint 2010, I decided to remove the service and do a reinstall with a PowerShell script. Since I like my scripts to create managed accounts as well, I removed the account that was running my service. Apparently, SharePoint didn't like this and I received an error stating that my SPManagedAccount could not be deleted because other objects depend on it when I loaded the Managed Accounts page in Central Administration. Well, not being able to load the page sort of limits my options for correcting the problem, doesn't it, Microsoft?

I double checked and the service application had been removed from SharePoint, the Excel Calculation Service had been stopped on the App Server, and the ApplicationPool had even been removed from IIS. Looking up the CorrelationID in the logs also didn't tell me very much.

I decided to pop open PowerShell and see what I could pull off. Turns out it was a rather simple fix. First, I looked up my Managed Account. I then tried to remove it and found out the dependency was an application pool. After removing the dependency I was about to remove the Managed Account! The PowerShell Commands to do this were:
  • Get-SPManagedAccount
  • Get-SPServiceApplicationPool
  • Remove-SPServiceApplicationPool
  • Remove-SPManagedAccount
Here is a screenshot of the PowerShell at work:

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  1. This post saved me at least 3 hours :) thank you.