Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Installation has Missing server side dependencies errors

I've configured SharePoint with a PowerShell script at least 4 times in the last 24 hours from a clean install, and only once has it NOT had the Missing Server side dependency errors. I don't even have any services installed in the Farm yet, so the common fix of "tricking" SharePoint by opening one of the Search configuration pages is not doable. Furthermore, the list of web parts that do not have their tp_Assembly populated is quite long. The annoying part is that SharePoint actually does know where the classes live; it just can't seem to populate that column in other tables:

select nvarchar7 'Web Part', nvarchar8 'Assembly', nvarchar9 'Class' from alluserdata where tp_listid in (select tp_id from alllists where tp_title = 'Web Part Gallery')
I don't know if the configuration of SharePoint is just that flakey, or if it's specifically tied to trying to automate the configuration rather than using the SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard, but it's very frustrating. Right now the only consistent configuration experience I can get is from creating the databases with Powershell and then running the SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard to do the rest.

I've read that this is a bug that may be fixed in the RTM version of SharePoint 2010, but time will tell.

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