Thursday, April 29, 2010

SP 2010 - Phonetic Search Only for People Scope?

I have a custom scope I've created that I am querying against with the FullTextSqlQuery object. Recently I was asked if we could allow a phonetic search. With all the hype around this new feature in SharePoint 2010, I thought it would be very easy.

I looked, and sure enough, there is an EnablePhonetic property right on FullTextSqlQuery. I set it to true, ran my search and got back...nothing. I figured maybe it didn't like my query, which had a LIKES keyword. That wasn't it. I tried looking on the web and it seems all the mentions of phonetic search seem to be closer to press releases than coding snippets.

Finally I found this nugget on MSDN:
For FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint, this property is only applicable for People Search.
Well, I'm not using FAST, but I am using a custom search scope. It would appear that might be the limiting factor here. While I am searching for people, they are stored in a custom list, since they are not members of my SharePoint site. Therefore I was using a custom scope to get to them.

It would seem phonetic search is not available yet to customize in this way.

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