Thursday, April 8, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Publishing Workflows Need the State Service!

In learning SharePoint 2010, I'm trying to take a minimalist approach, and only install services that I need. The problem is I don't yet know what those services are!

So far, on my new installation I have a Managed Metadata Service and a Search Service Application. Thinking to test Search, I edited one of the default pages and then tried to publish it and got the following message:

I suppose that the State Service needs to go on my list of required services. So, I went to install it from the Manage Service Applications page. For some reason, however, it was not listed!

Of course, given my problems with the Managed Metadata Service, I now know that the true magic in SharePoint comes from the Farm Configuration Wizard. I opened it up and was not disappointed when I found this guy:

Which leaves me with the following now running in my environment, and publishing workflows that can display properly.

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