Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TaxonomySession doesn't show my Term Stores

I ran into an issue yesterday that I haven't completely figured out just yet. Specifically, I had a feature receiver that was querying a Term Store to create a Site Column. Unfortunately, it kept failing. When I attached a debugger to the process it eventually showed me that TaxonomySession.TermStores was empty.

After playing with it a bit, I finally got it to work by opening up Central Administration and going to the Managed Metadata Service page to "warm" up the Taxonomy service. I'm not sure if it was a web service time out issue or not, but that seems likely. I believe that the worker process powering the Taxonomy web service was taking too long to spin up on my resource starved laptop, which was causing TaxonomySession to give up on loading any TermStores.

Unfortunately, ULS shut itself down for some reason during this period, and I was unable to find any logging event that would give me more insight.

If I find out anymore, I'll post about it.

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